Press request to META: Illegal data collection practices with Facebook accounts being arbitrarily suspended

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Facebook spies on accounts and arbitrarily blocks media accounts itself. The EU should react soon. presents an open letter addressed to the META Press Office in the USA, shared with us by a manager who CC'd us in his communication to META. Given that likely hundreds of thousands share similar experiences with META, we feel it's crucial to publish the letter in its entirety. We strongly believe that EU regulators should urgently address META and its subsidiaries, Facebook and Instagram. For many, the line has been crossed. Here's the full letter for your perusal:

Personal Experience & Frustrations

I am xyz, a German-Greek journalist who has contributed to numerous national publications and boasts a considerable tenure in corporate communications for top-tier enterprises. My ongoing plight has been the inability to access my Facebook account via the email ever since I parted ways with the said company. Alarmingly, every single attempt to modify my email paralyzes me with an account lockout.

The recurring predicament has burgeoned into a source of immense exasperation. I beseech you to step in, remediate the situation, and empower me to refresh my email credentials, thereby reclaiming access to my account. The dead-end associated with my erstwhile business email, dormant for years, handcuffs me from any verification proceedings.

Lapses in Customer Service

Your customer support, in all candor, leaves much to be desired. My persistent efforts to interface with have only met with a deafening silence. It's bewildering how an entity with the magnitude of Facebook can manifest such a conspicuous neglect in user assistance.

Rationale Behind Multiple Accounts

It is paramount to comprehend the valid motivations users harbor for curating multiple accounts. The notion of expecting an individual's personal account, potentially replete with private content, to moonlight as the primary conduit for a corporate profile at a nascent professional juncture is far from pragmatic.

Unsettling Surveillance Tactics

The intelligence methodologies wielded by META, Facebook, and Instagram – spanning browser and cookie reconnaissance to the scrutiny of contact specifics and telephone digits – evoke an uncanny semblance to modus operandi historically deployed by the Stasi during the GDR epoch.

Plea for Acknowledgment & Action

For those poised at the crossroads of requiring a subsidiary account tethered to their professional commitments, it's a matter of basic respect that Facebook concedes to such requisitions. Tragically, the relentless and arguably unsanctioned data integration emerges as a digital roadblock, cyclically hampering users by whimsically disabling freshly initialized business-centric accounts.

With a sense of urgency, I appeal for an intervention. My strategy to inaugurate a fresh account was met with an abrupt deactivation, compounding my plight by concurrently jeopardizing access to my older profile and culminating in an estrangement from both personal and professional circles. This level of intrusion is alarmingly invasive.

Contact & Verification Details:

Former, unreachable email:
Requested update to:
Direct line: 0049...

Verification of my identity is feasible via multiple digital avenues. I fervently hope for a brisk and result-oriented response to this predicament.

Yours sincerely | Dr. xyz | Switzerland | Germany

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